Ediția Franz Bardon doar la noi. Editura Cosmogonica, singura editură ce mai produce această serie

Franz Bardon edition only with us. Cosmogonica Publishing House, the only publishing house that still produces this series

The Cosmogonic Publishing House, the only publishing house that continues the tradition of Franz Bardon, launches the series of the 4 famous books of the occultist.

Initiation into Hermetism, The Practice of Magical Evocation, The Key to the True Kabbalah and Frabato the Magician are available in English and Romanian in physical and digital formats.

In an era when occultism and esoteric study have returned to the center of attention, the Cosmogonic Publishing House in Romania stands out as the only publishing house that continues to produce the series of books written by the famous occultist Franz Bardon. This publishing house dedicated to traditions and mystical knowledge has managed to bring to light Bardon's famous works, books considered true treasures by enthusiasts of this field.

Among the books released are Initiation into Hermetism, The Practice of Magical Evocation, The Key to the True Kabbalah, and Frabato the Magician, all representing foundational works in esoteric understanding and practice. These books are valuable guides that provide essential knowledge for those interested in exploring the mysteries of the universe and personal development through the occult.

Franz Bardon (1 December 1909 – 10 July 1958) was a famous Czech occultist and student and later professor of Hermetism .

Born in Opava – a small town in Austrian Silesia and passed through the pain and suffering of the Second World War and the Nazi concentration camps, Franz Bardon was not only a practitioner but also one of the eminent promoters of modern Hermeticism.

Best known for his Hermetic Trilogy (Initiation into Hermeticism, The Practice of Magical Evocation, and The Key to the True Kabbalah), Bardon chose to fulfill his sacred mission on this planet in numerous incarnations and continues to do so in at least two ways: once through the remanence of his works as points of reference for any follower of hermetic esoteric knowledge and then, most likely, through a new bodily manifestation, of course adapted to modern times.

Cosmogonică Publishing House established itself on the publishing market due to the quality and rigor with which it treated these masterpieces. Franz Bardon's book series is available in two languages ​​- English and Romanian - in order to reach the widest possible audience, regardless of the nationality or preferred language of the readers.

To meet the modern needs of readers, the Cosmogonic Publishing House offers physical books, which can be proudly added to the library, but also digital versions in ebook format, for those who prefer to read on electronic devices. The availability of these books in both physical and digital formats underscores the publishers' commitment to making this wisdom accessible and adapted to contemporary needs.

To purchase the books written by Franz Bardon, readers can access the website of the Cosmogonică Publishing House (cosmogonica.ro), where they will find all the necessary information and the possibility to order them online. The books are also available on the Tiamat.ro platform, thus offering more purchase options.

With a serious and respectful approach to the occult content of the works, the Cosmogonic Publishing House managed to offer readers a unique opportunity to deeply explore the mysteries and secrets of the occult. By producing and distributing these books signed by Franz Bardon, the publisher continues to inspire and educate a new generation of seekers of truth and occult knowledge.

Whether you are an occult enthusiast or looking for a path to personal development, Franz Bardon's 4 book series is a valuable source of knowledge and understanding of the mystical aspects of life. And the Cosmogonic Publishing House offers you the opportunity to have these books at hand, in formats that correspond to everyone's preferences. Don't miss the opportunity to explore this wonderful occult tradition through these remarkable books!

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