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The key to the true Kabbalah - Franz Bardon

The key to the true Kabbalah - Franz Bardon

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Format Physical, Ebook
Gender Spirituality
Language Romanian English
Author Franz Bardon
Publication year 2023


Number of pages 296



As promised in his two previous books, Initiation into Hermeticism and The Practice of Magical Evocation, Franz Bardon has now published his third book, which deals with the cosmic language called by initiates Kabbalah. Those who, by practice, are already advanced in spiritual studies, especially in the hermetic science, will be filled with joy, and because of the fact that they have already acquired practical experience, their conviction will be strengthened that they have chosen the surest path, and, without exception, they will fulfill all their expectations. Many scholars who were interested in the Kabbalah began their studies according to the prevailing theories and instructions, without having matured sufficiently through proper education. The content of this book, the third written by Bardon, will amaze them. If not from the beginning, surely after a while they will have to admit that all the Kabbalistic methods specified in it differ significantly in richness, variety and truthfulness from those contained in the Kabbalistic books published so far. Not even the most hidden and secret bookshops of the mystery temples of the East, those ashrams inaccessible to ordinary mortals, can boast of possessing the true Kabbalah in a single secret writing written in such clear and explicit terms. After using this book, even those who already have a good knowledge of Kabbalah will agree that they have a lot of catching up to do before they can call themselves true Kabbalists. After a careful look, the reader will be convinced that it is worth skipping all the incomplete teachings and working conscientiously in his own interest with the methods in this manual. Throughout human history, many Kabbalists have devoted their entire lives to an exhaustive but futile search for the unpronounceable name of God lost to humanity in ancient times. But after going through this third book conscientiously, the Kabbalist will suddenly have the sensation of a miracle accomplished, an immense treasure thrown into his lap by Providence when, as a reward for his tireless and sincere efforts, the long-lost name of God (among many other things) will be revealed to him. And this extremely high reward will be offered to all seekers of truth for whom these three volumes, unparalleled in spiritual literature, are not only an interested reading, but a valuable study material that just needs to be put into practice. Otti Votavova

* Note : For the Romanian language version, the Key to the True Kabbalah is not currently translated into Romanian, which is why it will be delivered in English.



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