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Astrogram interpretation

Astrogram interpretation

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Astrogram reading sessions face-to-face/online/by mail. It is a practical way to relax, to find answers to your own questions and why not... to find out the future.

Birth horoscope Includes:
holistic natal astrogram interpretation, general native affective, vocational and spiritual predispositions, as well as medical recommendations.

1-year forecast analysis Includes: forecasts for a year, from the anniversary of your birthday to the next.

Affective profile Includes: personality analysis, temperament and relational predispositions.

Vocational profile Includes: analysis of talents and skills, trends and professional predispositions.

Spiritual profile Includes: analysis of goals in this life, directions of spiritual evolution.
Numerological analysis Includes: general native predispositions according to name and date of birth.

Elective Analysis Includes: choosing an appropriate moment for a particular action within the desired time frame.

Elective company analysis Includes:
1. choosing a name from a numerological point of view according to the profile of the company and choosing the right time to start the activity,
2. choosing a suitable moment to initiate an action: launching a product, a website, an advertising and promotion campaign, etc. (only one of the two options).

chart is a graphical representation used in astrology which marks the position of the sun, moon and planets at a given time. Usually astrograms are made for the day and time of a person's birth, to make what is called a "natal astrogram", "native horoscope" or "natal chart"

In spoken Romanian, astrogram means the dictionary definition of the word horoscope, and the word "horoscope" defines astrological (usually daily) predictions as made by mass media. The confusion is due to the fact that the media call these predictions the "horoscope of the day".

A session lasts between 30 minutes and 2 hours.



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