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Gaya candle

Gaya candle

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Different colored candle with the shape of Goddess Gaya or Geea. The candles are not ritualized, but on request for a small additional cost or by you they can be ritualized.

They can also be used as an object of worship or decoration.

Geea or Gaia was, in Greek mythology , the personification of the Earth . It is considered in ancient times as the primordial element from which all other gods were drawn .

Gea was born after Chaos ( Chaos ), giving birth, in turn, to Uranus (Heaven), Oure (Mountains) and on Pontus (The sea). From her union with Uranus They were born titans , titanides , hecatonhiri and cyclops .

But all these children of Gaea hated their father, Uranus , because he forced them to live in the depths of the earth and did not allow them to see the light of the day. To save his children from his tyranny Uranus , Gea helped one of them, on Kronos , to mutilate his father, but before mutilating him, Uranus cast a curse on Cronos that said that he too would be destroyed by one of his sons. From the drops of blood flowing from Uranus , who fell to earth and fertilized it, a new generation of children was born: the erinyes , giants and the nymphs . After his mutilation Uranus , Gaea united with her other son, Pontus , and fathered a number of marine divinities, among whom were Ceto , Nereus and Thaumas .

Ruling over the universe, chronos frightened by the curse, however, he proves to be as tyrannical as his father. Then Geea decides to destroy him too. chronos he had united with his sister several times Rhea , and had had several children with her, whom she had swallowed one by one. When she was to give birth to Zeus , to save his child from his father's anger, Rhea he asked for Gaia's support. This revealed to him the will of destiny: Jupiter he would survive and take down his father, with support the titans . With Gaia's help, Rhea manages to trick him chronos and to hide the Zeus . Later, when Jupiter comes to rule the destinies of the world, Geea, also dissatisfied with his rule, gives birth - this time uniting with Tartar - some monstrous beings: Typhon and Echidna . Typhon he declares war on the gods, who for a long time are frightened by his huge force.

Gaea is also attributed - according to different versions - numerous other monstrous children, including: Antaeus , Charybdis , Harpies and so on In a later period Geea passes as the mother of all the gods and later her cult is identified either with that of the goddess Demeter , either with that of Cybele . From the union of Gaea with Poseidon was born Ante . In the Roman mythology Geea is named after Tellus .



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