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Owl candles

Owl candles

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Candles of different colors with OWL pattern, not ritualized. They can be ritualized at the customer's request, or by you directly, or they can be used as a decoration object.

Ritualization on request charges an additional cost.

Mythology says that animals were sent into the world to help people or, on the contrary, to punish them for their mistakes. In other cases, animals were considered the messengers of the Gods on earth or even the incarnation of the Deities, so they had to be worshipped.

The owl is an important symbol in Feng Shui, as a representation of wisdom and knowledge, helping to dispel ignorance and develop career skills. According to the ancient teachings of Feng Shui, the symbol of this bird can also attract well-being and comfort. Symbols referring to the owl are recommended to be placed at work, on the desk, or in the rooms where children study to positively influence the creative force and the courage to assume special responsibilities.



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