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Hypnosis is a scientifically validated tool relatively little understood by the public and often underestimated. There are over 12,000 affected scientific studies, since the 1950s, that prove the valuable benefits of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. It is a modified state of consciousness, similar to relaxation or meditative states specific to some oriental cultures. A person who is in a state of hypnosis is conscious, in total control, therefore in a natural and harmless state, and can come out of hypnosis when he wants.

Daily I experienced different levels of hypnosis: when daydreaming, when meditating, when driving, before falling asleep, even in the morning before waking up, etc. The most common form of hypnotic programming is obtained through television.

Hypnosis is an excellent method by which people can access their inner potential, to truly know themselves and achieve positive transformations in their lives! In the state of hypnosis, the subconscious mind becomes receptive to suggestions, the conscious mind is in a quieter state of operation, it becomes an observer and the physical body can be relaxed.

Regression (of age, in previous lives as well as in the life between lives) , helps you to discover (identify the cause) the roots of the problems in your current life, no matter in which aspect of your life it exists, to eliminate (change) the negative feelings associated with those experiences and extracting meaningful, important lessons that you can apply in your current life.



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