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Seal set, wax and two candles

Seal set, wax and two candles

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Seal set, wax and two candles - Exclusive package
The set is an exclusive product, suitable as a gift for an important or special person in your life.
The set consists of the following elements:
inscribed seal 3 wax sticks: bodo, silver, gold 1 melting spoon, 2.5 ml 2 round candles
All these components are placed in a cardboard box, in the shape of a book, provided with a ribbon for a decorative closure.
Way of ussage:
- the piece from the wax stick is heated in the teaspoon with the help of one of the candles and
- it is poured on the surface where the seal is to be applied, after which the stamp is lightly pressed, and the wax will quickly take over the model and shape of the stamp.
It is a product that gives originality to the object on which it was applied in the form of a seal. It can be used on letters, invitations, gifts or other handmade products.
box: 25 x 20 cm wax stick: 10 x 1.1 cm spoon: 10 cm cup: 3 cm
Warnings: Not recommended for children under 3 years old. It does not contain toxic substances. Specifications


Product type Stamp

Stamp type Set of letters

Round shape

Color tussock Multicolor

Number of rows 2

Material Wood

Key features Non-toxic

Package Contents 1 x Stamp 3 x Wax Seal 1 x Melting Spoon, 2.5 ml 2 x Candles

Multicolor color



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