Saturn este iluzia că există o realitate, iar Neptun este realitatea că nu există.

Saturn is the illusion that there is a reality, and Neptune is the reality that there is not.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14, 2022 is square Neptune and sextile Saturn, raising important questions about what is real and what is not.

Fata Morgana is a mirage just above the horizon, seen at sea, in polar regions or in deserts. The mirage can involve any distant object, including boats, islands, and the coast.

The optical phenomenon occurs because light rays bend when they pass through layers of air of different temperatures, which are reversed from their normal stratification.

Normally, the air is warmer closer to the surface and cooler higher up – however, in exceptional conditions, the layer of warm air sits above the layer of cold air – and that's when a Fata Morgana occurs.

Full Moon in Sagittarius – What is real?

Fata Morgana and other optical illusions really make us question the notion of reality.

The world as we see it through our senses is only a reflection of the specific physics of our environment. If for whatever reason we had cold air above the surface and a layer of warmer air above, then there will be mirages everywhere. We'd all think we'd gone mad or that aliens had come.

It's not that the mirage isn't real.

The upside-down reflection of a boat or coastline is based on sensory information that is 100% real – it just appears in a place it shouldn't.

It is interesting that many land areas or islands were discovered "thanks" to mirages. Sailors would "see" a coast, for example, sail in a direction they wouldn't otherwise be, only to eventually discover something entirely new.

Full Moon in Sagittarius and Neptune

That's how Neptune works too.

Neptune twists "reality" and this twist helps us "see" things from a different perspective. At first, it may seem like Neptune's reality twists are totally random.

Neptune is anything but random. The universe has a geometry and interconnection that is so complex that it is difficult to understand with our Mercury mind.

Our Mercury mind is designed according to Earth physics and can only decode information that is a direct reflection of Earth physics. That's why we don't see mirages when we have cold air over warm air, because that's our everyday reality.

Neptune "strikes" when we can no longer find answers using "logic" and our Mercury. When things no longer make sense, when we're stuck, that's when we need a Neptune intervention.

Neptune works primarily through dreams and intuition.

When we dream, seemingly unrelated information, mental or emotional imprints from our past are rearranged like a Fata Morgana, showing us subtle connections that in turn help us process information and find solutions that we don't - we could have found in a state of wakefulness.

Full Moon in Sagittarius – Aspects

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14, 2022 is square Neptune, inviting us to watch out for the Fata Morgana there.

To make things even "easier" for us, the ruler of the Full Moon, Jupiter is unexpected.

Jupiter is our benchmark, which we believe is true – because it's tried and tested. If we're on the highway, we don't question the road signs – we know someone has done the work so we can follow a reliable path.

One of the reasons why Jupiter is the great benefic in astrology is that life is easy when we know there are things we can rely on, when we know we don't have to worry about ending up in a hole.

So what happens when Jupiter is aspected?

When Jupiter, our reference model, is out of sight, we feel like we've lost our compass. We are no longer on the highway – we are at sea or in the desert, without a map. We don't know if we should turn right or left.

But this is exactly the magical moment when a Neptunian Fata Morgana appears. Neptune shows us only those signs that we must follow for the sake of our growth and evolution. Neptune only shows us signs we are ready to see - when we are not distracted by Jupiterian "realities".

Of course, the process can be extremely confusing.

Everything I knew to be true no longer seems to make sense. We can feel lost and stuck. But that's because our old mental patterns, our old beliefs no longer serve us.

A new approach is needed.

The Full Moon Neptune square will show us that there is a way – a different way – to move forward in our lives. At the Full Moon, let the inquisitive spirit of Sagittarius guide you in finding different answers in unusual places.

Venus conjunct Uranus and the North Node in Taurus reminds us that when we honor our heart, the entire universe conspires to make it happen. As in Paolo Cohelo's The Alchemist, our heart is our only true compass – and it will guide us across barren deserts and stormy seas to find our greatest treasure.

Feelings of doubt may arise as Mars is conjunct Chiron in Aries. You may ask yourself, “Who am I to deserve this?

This is a very important question.

But instead of focusing on “(…) to deserve this”, what if we focused on “Who am I”, or even better, “I am”?

If there's one thing that's undeniable, even by Neptune standards, it's that you "are." You're here – and you're here for a reason.

Take these uncomfortable feelings of inadequacy as an opportunity to understand yourself on a deeper level. There is nothing wrong with you – nor with your wants, needs and desires. The only reason you haven't achieved them – yet – is lack of self-knowledge.

The Sabian symbol of the Full Moon in Sagittarius is "A bluebird perched on a cottage gate." As James Burgess suggests:

"We get what we deserve. Our dignity is always rewarded – and the rewards are always appropriate and fair. If we're lucky enough to see a bluebird on our doorstep, it's because we deserve it. This wisdom is the foundation of all wisdom – we get what we deserve.”

Source: Astro Butterfly / Astro Butterfly

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