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Format Physical, Ebook
Gender Spirituality
Language ENGLISH
Author Franz Bardon
Publication year 2023


Number of pages 80


The biography of the great hermetic occultist Franz Bardon is revealed in these pages full of mystery and intrigue, of literary art, but also of philosophical and metaphysical lessons for all those who are interested not only in hermeticism, but also in the environment and vision of the occultism of the 30s .

Written by the occultist's assistant - Otti Votavova - and attributed to Franz Bardon himself, this work has as its main character Frabato - a magician who lives his spiritual mission in an intense and colorful, descriptive and direct way and, above all, in perfect connection with the reader who is invited into a mysterious world, specific to detective novels. In addition to the novelistic plot, the work presents almost "between the lines" a lot of spiritual lessons about life and evolution, about karma and about the personal mission of every living being. What prevails is not intrigue and mystery, but the fact that each of us is eminently subject to Universal laws which, in their inexorability, affect us all; no one escapes time and evolution, and we are all subject to the lessons Spirit and Divinity give us. In addition to these lessons and beyond the dramatic elements of the work, Frabato the Magician is ultimately marked by the spiritual optimism characteristic of its main character, an optimism that is based on a thorough knowledge and application of every Universal law.

One of the fundamental themes of the work is TIME itself which, through the illusion of its existence, causes everything to pass and transform, just as the narrative line of the work also changes and takes the reader through stages, just like spiritual evolution. Divine Support – another important theme of the work gives the reader the hope and strength to move forward and successfully transcend the obstacles of life which, through the philosophical elements of the work, become nothing more than mere illusions of the mind.

Hypnotist, stage magician, mentalist, occultist, magician or Man? This is the question that remains about Frabato at the end of reading the work... The answer is provided by a character as complex as he is direct and thorough in his existence, a character who does not waver but knows what he wants (focusing component of intention ), but who does not shy away from feeling (the human component) and understanding (the philosophical component) and then applying and imprinting his change and transformation upon all humanity (the Master Magician component). Frabato also becomes a teacher, but an unconventional one, who knows how to teach others by example, by personal ideal and by his own extraordinary abilities that are meant to awaken in readers the question "could I do these things?"



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