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Franz Bardon Complete Package

Franz Bardon Complete Package

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Author: Franz Bardon

The year: 2023

Author: Franz Bardon
The year: 2023


Author: Franz Bardon


The year: 2023


Author: Franz Bardon


The year: 2023


The biography of the great hermetic occultist Franz Bardon is revealed in these pages full of mystery and intrigue, of literary art, but also of philosophical and metaphysical lessons for all those who are interested not only in hermeticism, but also in the environment and vision of the occultism of the 30s .

Written by the occultist's assistant - Otti Votavova - and attributed to Franz Bardon himself, this work has as its main character Frabato - a magician who lives his spiritual mission in an intense and colorful, descriptive and direct way and, above all, in perfect connection with the reader who is invited into a mysterious world, specific to detective novels. In addition to the novelistic plot, the work presents almost "between the lines" a lot of spiritual lessons about life and evolution, about karma and about the personal mission of every living being. What prevails is not intrigue and mystery, but the fact that each of us is eminently subject to Universal laws which, in their inexorability, affect us all; no one escapes time and evolution, and we are all subject to the lessons Spirit and Divinity give us. In addition to these lessons and beyond the dramatic elements of the work, Frabato the Magician is ultimately marked by the spiritual optimism characteristic of its main character, an optimism that is based on a thorough knowledge and application of every Universal law.

One of the fundamental themes of the work is TIME itself which, through the illusion of its existence, causes everything to pass and transform, just as the narrative line of the work also changes and takes the reader through stages, just like spiritual evolution. Divine Support – another important theme of the work gives the reader the hope and strength to move forward and successfully transcend the obstacles of life which, through the philosophical elements of the work, become nothing more than mere illusions of the mind.

Hypnotist, stage magician, mentalist, occultist, magician or Man? This is the question that remains about Frabato at the end of reading the work... The answer is provided by a character as complex as he is direct and thorough in his existence, a character who does not waver but knows what he wants (focusing component of intention ), but who does not shy away from feeling (the human component) and understanding (the philosophical component) and then applying and imprinting his change and transformation upon all humanity (the Master Magician component). Frabato also becomes a teacher, but an unconventional one, who knows how to teach others by example, by personal ideal and by his own extraordinary abilities that are meant to awaken in readers the question "could I do these things?"


Born in Opava – a small town in Austrian Silesia and passed through the pain and suffering of the Second World War and the Nazi concentration camps, Franz Bardon was not only a practitioner but also one of the eminent promoters of modern Hermeticism.

Best known for his Hermetic Trilogy (Initiation into Hermeticism, The Practice of Magical Evocation, and The Key to the True Kabbalah), Bardon chose to fulfill his sacred mission on this planet in numerous incarnations and continues to do so in at least two ways: once through the remanence of his works as points of reference for any follower of hermetic esoteric knowledge and then, most likely, through a new bodily manifestation, of course adapted to modern times.

Initiation into Hermetism is perhaps the most important introduction to the arts and sciences of High Magic and Hermeticism, and is intended to be a handbook of instructions, given step by step and accompanied by all the practical exercises necessary to develop the power and skill of those curious to know the true nature of things. The exercises in this work, intended to harmoniously develop the body, mind, soul and spirit, are the result of the author's practice and research, an unceasing practice, despite the vicissitudes of his life.

The system presented by Franz Bardon is not only comprehensible to everyone, but more than that, all those who are curious and who truly show the will to grow and learn, receive by reading this systemic work, access to a more than impressive bag of genuine spiritual gold . The division into ten individual practical steps, the program further subdivided to facilitate the adept's approach, was created with the intention that the spirits who reach the level of preparation necessary to go through this work will find an ease and naturalness of the practice, an ease and naturalness from which they can that only Bardon was capable of providing them.

Many people, reading some of the exercises presented in the book, panicked over time at the thought that any unborn could acquire such memorable powers as those presented between the pages of the work. Well, the world is completely safe! The book is structured in such a way that only the deserving and truly dedicated can benefit from knowing it! Those who give up, those who go through the exercises without practicing them consistently, and those who limit themselves only to criticizing the content of the book, will find in it nothing but empty advantages, which will be forgotten in no time. For the consistent and persevering practitioner, however, what lies between these beautifully colored covers and which gives the feeling of solidity, is the very essence of evolution!


Franz Bardon is considered by many to be the greatest initiate of the 20th century. A tireless agent of light, he survived Hitler's concentration camps but died a victim of communist persecution in 1958. He left behind four legendary books that they became canonical writings for occult literature. ,, In these times, Franz Bardon, the author of the book Initiation in Hermetism, received from Divine Providence the divine mission and the very important task of guiding those who seek the truth on the path of perfection. With the publication of the book The Practice of Magical Evocation, the author makes his second work available to the public. In this second treatise, Franz Bardon consciously guides to the next level of their development the readers and true students of magic who, based on the first book, have been given the opportunity to start on the only right path. The author clearly states that there should be no procrastination or standing still on the path to perfection. This would certainly result in the person falling back into the habit of daily routines and lead the student back to ignorance and darkness. Therefore, there is only one solution and that is to go forward, forward to the brightest heights. These shining heights call to any person who is not afraid to make the necessary effort and who continues to work on his spiritual ascent with courage and without ceasing. The purpose of this book is to provide help in this regard. The author, who has meanwhile become well known because of his large circle of readers, conscientiously warns all his students, in very simple words, of the great or small dangers that lurk when a student deviates from the true path. And the author does everything in his power to prevent such bad luck, because in this case the student may not be able to return to the path of perfection for a long time, and some students may not to return at all. There is no book now available on this subject—either ancient or modern, and no matter how promising it may appear or how eloquently it has been written—which gives the reader such a clear and true guiding principle. as distinct as this book. In it, the author describes every detail faithfully and in a fascinating way; in very simple words he explains the most unexpected happenings and the most miraculous events that take place on our planet as well as in the different worlds and spheres. We readers, true students, and all others who are interested in the highest knowledge, should not hesitate, but extend our most sincere gratitude to Divine Providence for His great grace and for the author He sent us. Anyone who manages to obtain a copy of this book should consider themselves very lucky. May this book never leave her and may she follow its instructions, advice and teachings with faith and conscientiousness."


I have the honor to say a few words again as a preface to this third volume of Franz Bardon's works which, like the first two, is meant to guide the initiate in the secrets of higher magic, this time, however, of the higher energy of letters and the combinations between them. It is a privilege for any reader to delve into a thorough study of the mystical Kabbalah by one of the promoters of modern Hermeticism.

Unlike classical Kabbalah studies, in this work the author "shunts" the Hebrew alphabet for ease of use and thus helps the student to learn easier and faster, more efficiently and much more pleasantly. For indeed the classic study of the science of Hebrew letters and the entire numerological system attached to it requires at least a few good years of assiduous practice; Gematria and Notarikon - just two of the vast systems used in the numeology of Hebrew mysticism - provide even a lifetime's study.

This is precisely where the obvious advantage of this work appears: simplicity, organization, efficiency and, perhaps more importantly than anything else, safety! Of course, it is preferable to mention from now on the fact that, as the author himself reiterates, the practice of this third volume requires the thorough acquisition, both theoretical and practical, of all the information and exercises that belong to at least the first volume of the series. Otherwise, the author informs us, the failure of the practice may appear, and with the failure, the despair of the practitioner who, in a possible internal disappointment, could give up a practice that can prove not only fruitful, but even extraordinary. Without detracting from your personal reading pleasure, I recommend you not to step into the realm of practical chapters until you have thoroughly gone through the introductory part in which Franz Bardon explains not only the origins of the system used in the work, but also its applicability bases.

* Note : For the Romanian language version, the Key to the True Kabbalah and the Practice of Magical Evocation are not currently translated into Romanian, which is why they will be delivered in English.



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