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The practice of magical evocation - Franz Bardon

The practice of magical evocation - Franz Bardon

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Format Physical, Ebook
Gender Spirituality
Language Romanian English
Author Franz Bardon
Publication year 2023


Number of pages 403

Franz Bardon is considered by many to be the greatest initiate of the 20th century. A tireless agent of light, he survived Hitler's concentration camps but died a victim of communist persecution in 1958. He left behind four legendary books that they became canonical writings for occult literature.

In these times, Franz Bardon, the author of the book Initiation in Hermetism, received from Divine Providence the divine mission and the very important task of guiding those who seek the truth on the path of perfection. With the publication of the book The practice of magical evocation, the author makes his second work available to the public.

In this second treatise, Franz Bardon consciously guides the readers and true students of magic to the next level of their development, who, based on the first book, were given the opportunity to start on the only correct path. The author clearly states that there should be no procrastination or standing still on the path to perfection. This would certainly result in the person falling back into the habit of daily routines and would lead the student back to ignorance and darkness. Therefore, there is only one solution, namely to go forward, forward to the brightest heights. These shining heights call to any person who is not afraid to make the necessary effort and who continues to work on his spiritual ascent with courage and without ceasing. The purpose of this book is to provide help in this regard.

The author, who in the meantime has become well known due to his large circle of readers, conscientiously warns all his students, in very simple words, of the great or small dangers that lurk when a student deviates from the true path. And the author does everything in his power to prevent such bad luck, because in this case the student may not be able to return to the path of perfection for a long time, and some students may not to return at all.

There is no book now available on this subject—whether ancient or modern, and no matter how promising it may appear or how eloquently written—which gives the reader a true guiding principle so clear and as distinct as this book. In it, the author describes every detail faithfully and in a fascinating way; in very simple words he explains the most unexpected happenings and the most miraculous events that take place on our planet as well as in the different worlds and spheres.

We, the readers, the true students and all others who are interested in the highest knowledge, should not hesitate, but extend the most sincere gratitude to Divine Providence for Her great grace and for the author she sent us.

Every person who manages to obtain a copy of this book should consider themselves very lucky. May this book never leave her and may she follow the instructions, advice and teachings with faith and conscientiousness."

Otti Votavova
(1903 – 1973)

* Note : For the Romanian version, the Practice of Magical Evocation is not currently translated into Romanian, which is why it will be delivered in English.



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