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ULC Pagan Dedication Ritual

ULC Pagan Dedication Ritual

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Brand: NEW PAGAN DAWN / Commission for the Granting of Priestly Certificates


Universal Life Church Accredited Ritual includes Certified Religious Certificate, NEW PAGAN DAWN Association Certificate, Value Added Taxes, Accounting Fees, Officer Fees, Legal Deed Fees and Ceremony. Those who wish to perform this ritual will receive a Certificate of Dedication issued by the ULC and one issued by THE NEW PAGAN DAWN, accompanied by a black protective case.

For quite a few Witches, studying or working in a formal tradition or other type of group is simply not in the cards. Maybe there aren't any in the area, or if there are, they're not a good match in terms of personality or accessibility. So instead, I walk a solitary path, learning from books and personal experiences. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach!
However, figuring out Witchcraft on your own can sometimes lead to a sense of lack of "officialness". There is a sense of validation that comes with being given the title of "witch" through formal training and being recognized as such by other practitioners. But really, the only person who can truly make you a Witch is you.
One way to instill this sense of being in you is to perform a dedication ritual. The word dedicated comes from the Latin dedicated, which means "devoted, consecrated". So you can look at this ritual as marking your commitment to follow this path – a transformation of self and spirit.
A dedication ritual is a vow you make to yourself. It must not involve anyone else, be it gods, spirits or humans. However, you can call them as witnesses to your ritual.



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