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ULC Pagan Ritual of Baptism (paganism)

ULC Pagan Ritual of Baptism (paganism)

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Brand: NEW PAGAN DAWN / Commission for the Granting of Priestly Certificates


Universal Life Church Accredited Ritual includes Certified Religious Certificate, NEW PAGAN DAWN Association Certificate, Value Added Taxes, Accounting Fees, Officer Fees, Legal Deed Fees and Ceremony. Those who wish to perform this ritual will receive a Pagan Certificate issued by the ULC and one issued by THE NEW PAGAN DAWN, accompanied by a black protective case.

A Wiccaning or Paganing is a neo-pagan ritual analogous to baptism or baptism of a child. Specific groups may have alternative names for this rite.
In keeping with the importance placed on free will in neopagan traditions, babies are not expected to choose a pagan path for themselves when they grow up. The ceremony, like its Christian equivalent, focuses on the parents' beliefs and the family's communal commitment to care for the child.



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