Collection: Cosmogonic Publishing House

Founded in 2017 by Olteanu Cosmin through THE NEW PAGAN DAWN ASSOCIATION, Editura Cosmogonica became within six years Editura Cosmogonica, a cultural holding that brings together legally independent companies, but with obvious links between them - THE NEW PAGAN DAWN Association, the Lost Library of Hypatia, Tiamat Esoteric E-shop.

The Cosmogonica publishing house stands out for its eclectic approach to its publications. From books on spirituality and esotericism, to classical and contemporary literary works and philosophy, Cosmogonica Publishing House covers a wide range of fields, thus satisfying the needs and interests of a diverse audience. Its book collection constitutes a true cultural treasure, representing a window to knowledge and exploration.

With a special focus on innovative authors and unconventional visions, Cosmogonica Publishing House encourages free expression and promotes works that challenge thought and open new horizons. His publications aim to both inform and educate readers and challenge them intellectually and spiritually.

Hypatia's Lost Library, an integral part of the Cosmogonica Publishing House, houses a vast cultural heritage, especially digitizing books on esotericism and spirituality, providing access to rare and priceless works. It serves as a source of inspiration for researchers, students and enthusiasts of history and philosophy, constituting a landmark in the field of humanities.

Tiamat Esoteric E-shop is also part of the cultural conglomerate of Cosmogonica Publishing House and offers a rich selection of esoteric products and resources. From books and divination tools, to crystals and ritual objects, the Tiamat Esoteric E-shop aims to support the spiritual search and exploration of those interested in the esoteric field.

With a broad vision and an innovative spirit, Cosmogonica Publishing House continues to expand its activities, in an effort to make significant contributions to the cultural and intellectual development of the community. Through its publications and partnerships with other cultural entities, Cosmogonica Publishing aims to remain a source of inspiration and knowledge for readers from all corners of the world.