Collection: Tiamat Magic Products

With joy and respect for seekers of spiritual knowledge, we invite you to discover Tiamat - an online sanctuary that brings before you a whole universe of esoteric wisdom. Located in the vibrant heart of the capital, Tiamat represents an authentic space dedicated to the esoteric and pagan community in Romania.

We are the guides to a vast spectrum of discoveries:

  1. Tarot and Oracle cards, including limited editions, as well as personalized consultation to guide you to a deep understanding of these divinatory arts.
  2. A rich section of crystals and crystal objects, along with ritualized herbs and candles, designed to enliven and accompany you on your spiritual journey.
  3. Ritual tools and objects, descendants of ancient spiritual practices, that enrich and connect you with ancestral wisdom.
  4. The most diverse options for fumigation, designed to surround you with energy and purification.
  5. A temple of meditation, a sacred place where peace and relaxation are welcomed with open arms, offering you a haven for contemplation and balance.
  6. Care products, decorative accessories and spiritual books, designed to accompany you every day of your spiritual journey.

At Tiamat, each item reflects our commitment to authenticity, to be your guide in your quest for knowledge and wisdom. We invite you to join our community and explore the vast and uplifting universe of spirituality.